Indiana’s RFRA Really Is That Bad

Indiana’s RFRA Really Is That Bad Lawmakers in Indiana have a real mess on there hands. Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act has resulted in a cacophony of protests, not just from radical groups, but from companies like Anthem, American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Eli Lilly Levi’s and Walmart. Indiana’s governor and state legislators have been … Continue reading Indiana’s RFRA Really Is That Bad

AG Gonzales Outed as Hologram

A highly placed government software developer revealed today that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is actually a sophisticated hologram. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, joined the Gonzales project when the Attorney General was still in beta. Her team of programmers, many of whom had prior experience at various Hollywood special effects studios, are … Continue reading AG Gonzales Outed as Hologram

Where’s a bit of irony when you need it?

Naomi Campbell, known for her terrible temper, recently spent one day of anger management following her conviction for throwing a phone at her housekeeper. She has recently been asked by Jamaica to be their national "patron for abused women." What possible meaning of the phrase "patron for" applies here?

Anna Nicole Smith is still successfully dead; VP Cheney still unsuccessfully alive

It appears that Anna Nicole Smith, like any great artist, is more popular dead than alive -- at least as measured by the continuing stream of stories about her in papers, magazines and news shows. The media's mock self-reflection involved reaches new levels. There are stories about her, then stories about the media's fascination with … Continue reading Anna Nicole Smith is still successfully dead; VP Cheney still unsuccessfully alive