2 thoughts on “A Veteran Blogs From Inside Walter Reed

  1. We are working to raise money for veterans. Thank you for your service in defending our country and our freedom. We are trying to decide on a charity that will benefit all veterans, that is ethical, non-politically based, non government run, and that will particularly focus on the healthcare, care, and support of our veterans. We were set on VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) but are concerned now about a story CBS ran which slammed the Disabled Veterans Administration. The VFW uses 30% of their donations for fundraising and admin which seems high. I just found on line, an organization called Intrepid Fallen Heroes which claims to use all funds for the care of the family of fallen heroes and the rehab of severely injured heroes. Can anyone provide comment on the VFW and the IFH Fund. Thanks. email dean.gould@verizon.net

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